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​​​Network ​Performance Test by Region​


Running  Performance Test via Remote Agent

In order to get a more precise and accurate description of the network, a MyConnection Remote Agent must be run prior to deployment of Bentley MANAGEservices. The agent will run on the computer where it is installed and will report network performance back to Bentley’s MyConnection Server in intervals. 
The agent should be run from any site that will use ProjectWise Explorer or ProjectWise Caching Server. Multiple agents can run at one time.

  1. To access the MyConnection Server Remote Agent for Bentley MANAGEservices go to the region you want to use from the map above. 
    Once the site appears click inside the dialog that reads ‘Please enter your name’. In this field you want to add your Company Name and Location (e.g. Bentley – Exton) 

  2. Once you enter your information, click Download RA

  3. Please select Run when prompted. 

  4. Select Run again when prompted.
​Once the software finishes installing, the Remote Agent will run and automatically collect network performance data. This information is written to the Bentley MyConnection Server which will be reviewed by Bentley and reported back to you.