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ProjectWise Online FAQ: How to Create Accounts in Bulk


How to Create Accounts in Bulk


*Please Note:  Only authorized users will be able to accomplish this task.
To create user accounts in Bulk, you must first access the 'createaccount.aspx' page with the appropriate siteID parameter.  Ex.
From this page, please click the 'Click Here to Bulk Upload' link, located at the bottom of the request form.
You will now have the abilit to upload a 'csv' file from your local machine.  The csv file must have the information in the csv file in the following order:
Last Name, First Name, E-mail Address, Company Name, Bentley Contact.
Please view the attached .csv to use as a template. 




Created at 6/16/2008 11:16 AM by Joe Engelman
Last modified at 6/26/2008 4:13 PM by Joe Engelman